About Designer Plants

About Designer Plants – The Beauty of Landscaping Without The Hassle of Landscaping!

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How it all came about

Designer Plants has been leading the industry with innovative, high quality artificial hedges and plants for many years.

Our aim is to make transforming your home or property easier with products that involve no planting, cultivating, toxic chemicals, fertilizer, watering, weeding, pesticides, maintenance, trimming, or endless expenses – artificial hedges, fake plants, and vertical garden screens are the solution!

It all started back in the 2000’s. Water restrictions arrived, apartments were being built en-mass and privacy was becoming ever so important – there were three things the founders were committed to: Great customer service, realistic plants, and empowering the DIY user to transform their property and regain their privacy.

Over the coming years we got hundreds of samples; most broke up, faded, and started melting in the sun, this wasn’t going to do (some suppliers in Australia sell these though, naughty, naughty). Eventually we found the right product, and the best manufacturer to partner with – we developed, designed and manipulated the product to make it perfect. We then tested it in 2006 on our own property to make sure it was right before ordering it and selling it to customers around Australia. The same product is still on the founder’s fence – quality is taken seriously here at Designer Plants.

  • Sick of businesses that would be great at taking money, but not with assisting their clients, the values of Designer Plants were forged, exceptional customer service was key to everything we did – let us share with you a story; a customer called up late in the afternoon from Sydney and required artificial that evening – no courier was going to get it there in time. 3 hours later flights were booked, and our team were off with boxes full of fake hedging – Jet Star staff were gobsmacked as carton after carton were wheeled into their Avalaon Terminal – a couple of hours later – mission complete.
  • Realism: having our ‘roots’ in the live plant industry, Designer Plants were going to be just that, Designer. Why pay for something if it isn’t going to do your home, office or business justice. We believe it is best to get it right the first time around.
  • Have you ever been on your balcony and seen a neighbour looking over, or people walking past peeping through your fence? Well we have – it’s frustrating.  Our Design team have worked hard to develop our portable hedges and vertical gardens and green walls to be dense and easy to install so you can have privacy in minutes, without the need to get specialist trades-people involved.

These days—there’s paperless news, wireless phones, stores without buildings, even cars that drive themselves. So we wondered, why make plants the same way they did back in ancient Mesopotamia? Designer Plants gives you an instant modernised landscape—with zero hassle. Get the same amazing “mother-nature” RESULTS—without the expense, hard work, fragility, and unpredictability of old-school methods.

Why we lead the industry

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Whilst there are many artificial plant suppliers in Melbourne and Australia, Designer Plants are the only company that focus on artificial hedges and artificial plants for vertical surfaces. This allows us to ensure that we deliver a high quality, use specific product that is able to stand up to the harsh environmental elements. Our focus is on delivering a large range of high quality products each and every time. Don’t be tricked into using artificial plants, hedges and panels that will crack, fade and fall apart.

Contact us on 1800-617-341 or sales@designerplants.com.au